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STRETCHEYZ are designed for the free thinking, fun loving, active human. All in one SURF SUITS and leggings, they feature unique prints and epic designs allowing for an individual form of self expression.

AUSTRALIAN MADE and UPF 50+, so there’s no burning of limbs in these bad boys! 

Our SURF SUITS are made of awesome WATER REPELLENT, quick drying fabrics, making them brilliant for a multi-surf day! 

Inspired by the Bondi Beach surf lifestyle, the ocean and the awesome, energetic personalities we meet everyday.

STRETCHEYZ are designed to brighten up the line up. 

From the humble beginnings of a dingy garage, STRETCHEYZ grew and continues to grow into a vivacious, energetic, fun loving brand! 

So why not ditch the dull and join us!


Contributing photographers on this site:  

Sebastian Diaz: Surfographer

Anton Rehrl: ArtOf2 Designs

Keven Osborne: Fox Fotos

Nick May: Nick May Photography

Juni Ross : JRoss Photography

Michael Miller: MikeMiller Photography